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Pujiang Jietai Zipper Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019 in the scenic town of Pujiang, Zhejiang. It is a pioneer manufacturer of high-quality zippers and accessories that specializes in OEM customization. The company has a complete industry production chain, with 200 zipper production lines and 50 zipper (accessory) production lines, including 50 internationally advanced automation equipment. It can independently produce zippers of various materials and specifications, with an average daily production capacity of 10 tons of zippers and over 3 million zippers. After nearly 30 years of hard exploration, we have accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and successful experience in zipper manufacturing, innovation, and the provision of supporting solutions. The products and services provided by Jietai are a concentrated reflection of innovation, brand, and quality. Our goal is to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the products and services we provide, and to make our zippers and supporting products indispensable for helping customers increase their brand added value.


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Waterproof zippers, engineered with specialized materials and construction techniques, signify a leap forward in closure technology. Their primary significance lies in their ability to provide a high level of water resistance, ensuring protection against moisture in diverse environments and weather conditions.
Their functionality extends beyond mere closure; waterproof zippers serve as guardians against the elements. These zippers create a watertight seal when closed, preventing water ingress into garments, bags, tents, and outdoor gear. This capability offers peace of mind, especially in activities where exposure to moisture is a concern.
Moreover, waterproof zippers symbolize innovation and advanced engineering. Their construction involves precision in design and manufacturing processes to create closures that effectively repel water. These zippers incorporate specialized coatings, tapes, or sealed designs that enhance their resistance to moisture penetration.
Their presence signifies versatility in application. Waterproof zippers find utility in various industries, from outdoor apparel to marine equipment, luggage, and even high-tech electronics. Their adaptability to different product categories underscores their importance in providing protection against water infiltration.
Additionally, waterproof zippers symbolize reliability and trust. Their ability to maintain their waterproof integrity, even under challenging conditions, instills confidence in users. Whether in extreme weather or water-based activities, these zippers deliver consistent performance, ensuring the safety of belongings.
Their creation involves sophisticated manufacturing processes. Precision engineering ensures that each component of a waterproof zipper meets stringent quality standards, emphasizing a commitment to producing closures that offer superior protection against moisture.
Furthermore, waterproof zippers signify a fusion of practicality with cutting-edge design. Their integration into products doesn't compromise aesthetics. Instead, they become design elements that seamlessly blend functionality with style, offering both performance and visual appeal.
Their adaptability to different types of closures—such as coil, VISLON®, or molded teeth zippers—underscores the versatility of waterproof zippers. Each type of closure offers unique advantages in terms of water resistance, catering to specific design and performance requirements.
Moreover, waterproof zippers represent a sustainable approach to product design. By protecting belongings from water damage, they contribute to extending the lifespan of items, reducing the need for replacements and minimizing waste.
Waterproof zippers represent a revolutionary advancement in closure technology. Their ability to provide superior protection against moisture while maintaining functionality and style makes them indispensable in various industries. These zippers silently narrate a story of innovation, reliability, and a commitment to addressing the evolving needs of users in different environments and activities.
Beyond their primary function, waterproof zippers signify a paradigm shift in design thinking. They exemplify a proactive approach to product protection, addressing the need for safeguarding belongings against water damage. These zippers redefine the boundaries of functionality by offering a solution that ensures both utility and security.
Their significance lies in their ability to offer peace of mind. Waterproof zippers serve as barriers against moisture, protecting valuable belongings, equipment, and gear from potential water infiltration. Whether in outdoor activities, extreme weather, or everyday use, they become guardians of items vulnerable to water damage.
Moreover, waterproof zippers symbolize technological innovation and precision engineering. Their construction involves meticulous attention to detail and the use of specialized materials and techniques. The integration of advanced coatings, laminates, or sealed designs showcases a dedication to creating closures that excel in water resistance.
Their presence signifies adaptability and versatility in design. Waterproof zippers cater to a wide spectrum of products across industries, from high-performance outdoor gear to fashion accessories. Their ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse products underscores their universal applicability and utility.