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Pujiang Jietai Zipper Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019 in the scenic town of Pujiang, Zhejiang. It is a pioneer manufacturer of high-quality zippers and accessories that specializes in OEM customization. The company has a complete industry production chain, with 200 zipper production lines and 50 zipper (accessory) production lines, including 50 internationally advanced automation equipment. It can independently produce zippers of various materials and specifications, with an average daily production capacity of 10 tons of zippers and over 3 million zippers. After nearly 30 years of hard exploration, we have accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and successful experience in zipper manufacturing, innovation, and the provision of supporting solutions. The products and services provided by Jietai are a concentrated reflection of innovation, brand, and quality. Our goal is to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the products and services we provide, and to make our zippers and supporting products indispensable for helping customers increase their brand added value.


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  • Administration 28 08 2023
    Fancy zipper puller

    The fancy zipper puller comes in a wide array of designs, from dazzling rhinestones and sparkling crystals to trendy cha...

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  • Administration 28 08 2023
    Longboard zipper puller

    The Longboard Zipper Puller features a miniaturized longboard design that captures the spirit of your favorite sport.

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  • Administration 28 08 2023
    Needle zipper pull

    Needle zipper pull is designed with a user-centric approach that emphasizes ease of use. Its innovative mechanism ensure...

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  • Administration 28 08 2023
    Automatic zipper pull

    The automatic zipper pulls simplify your zipper experience by eliminating the need for manual locks or separate stops, m...

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Industry Knowledge
Zipper pulls, those small yet significant components, are the unsung heroes of closures, elevating the usability and style of zippers in various products. These tiny adornments, attached to the slider of zippers, symbolize a harmonious blend of functionality and fashion, transcending their modest size.
Their significance lies in their practicality. Zipper pulls serve as ergonomic extensions, providing a convenient grip for effortless opening and closing of zippers. From apparel to bags, luggage, and accessories, these pulls enhance the ease of use, ensuring smooth functionality in everyday interactions.
Moreover, zipper pulls symbolize personalization and individuality. They offer a canvas for creativity, allowing for a myriad of designs, shapes, and materials. From minimalist charms to elaborate designs, these pulls become statements of personal style, adding a touch of personality and uniqueness to belongings.
Their presence speaks volumes about attention to detail in design. Despite their small size, zipper pulls undergo meticulous craftsmanship. Whether crafted from metal, plastic, fabric, or leather, each pull reflects precision in design and manufacturing, showcasing the importance of even the smallest components in product aesthetics.
Furthermore, zipper pulls signify versatility in functionality. Beyond their primary role in aiding zipper operation, they also serve as decorative elements. Designers leverage their presence to add flair and visual interest to products, turning these pulls into focal points of design or subtle accents that complement the overall aesthetics.
Their adaptability extends to various industries and product categories. From high-fashion garments where ornate pulls accentuate elegance to rugged outdoor gear where durable, utilitarian pulls ensure reliability, their versatility caters to diverse needs and design sensibilities.
Additionally, zipper pulls embody innovation and practicality. Constant advancements in design and materials result in pulls equipped with additional functionalities. Some pulls feature built-in tools like bottle openers or USB drives, showcasing the fusion of utility and innovation in modern design.
Their creation is a testament to the artistry of craftsmanship. Crafters and artisans often handcraft unique pulls, adding an artisanal touch to products. These handmade pulls not only celebrate craftsmanship but also narrate stories of traditional techniques and creativity.
Moreover, zipper pulls signify the fusion of tradition with modernity. While they play a crucial role in contemporary design, they also echo the heritage of closures. Their evolution, from simple tags to intricately designed pulls, represents the progression of closures in the context of design and utility.
Zipper pulls are more than mere functional accessories; they embody a harmonious convergence of practicality, personalization, craftsmanship, and innovation. Their presence goes beyond facilitating zipping actions; they become avenues for self-expression, design enhancement, and a reflection of meticulous attention to detail. These seemingly small adornments silently speak volumes about the artistry and thoughtfulness embedded in functional design.
Their significance is deeply rooted in their dual role as functional aids and style accents. While primarily facilitating the effortless opening and closing of zippers, these pulls also serve as design statements. Whether sleek and minimalist or intricate and ornate, they add a touch of personality and flair to a wide array of products.
Beyond their practicality, zipper pulls signify ease of use and accessibility. Their ergonomic design and easy-to-grasp structure enhance the user experience, ensuring smooth operations. In clothing and accessories, they become the touchpoints of convenience, allowing swift access to essentials.
Moreover, these pulls symbolize an avenue for individual expression and customization. They serve as miniature canvases for creativity, enabling designers and individuals to imprint their unique style. From quirky shapes to engraved initials, these pulls reflect personal taste, making each product distinctive and personalized.
Their significance extends to the realm of functionality and innovation. Advances in materials and design have led to innovative zipper pulls that incorporate additional features, such as reflective elements for safety, RFID blocking capabilities for security, or integrated whistles for emergency situations. These enhancements showcase the fusion of utility and forward-thinking design.